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About Us

The Story

Miss Tanzania pageant has been running since the 1960s. The contest figuratively brings together youth competitors in both beauty aspects and a holistic welfare insight to the nation and the world outside. The contest under The Look Company Limited is uncovering a new face of the competition through a dynamic agenda. The Look Company Limited has now set up strict ethical framework that stakeholders have to adhere to.

The contest has redefined new objectives to be achieved in the short term and long run in order to measurably impact the contestants and the country at large. Our goal is to select the most elegant, Impressive, and determined young girl, who will proudly carry Tanzania’s flag on international scenes.


Our mission is to support the Government towards social and economic growth in addition to the current drive of rebranding that Nation.


Our vision is to create a society where beauty has a purpose and prepares young girls with leadership skills to positively impact the society.

Our Target

We have clustered all the regions in Tanzania into eight zones i.e., Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Higher Learning, Northern Zone, Central Zone, Lake Zone, Eastern Zone and Southern Highlands Zone.